Exchange of experience and the best practicians.

The center for emergency situations and decrease in risk of natural disasters in the city of Almaty (Center) together with PROON Kazakhstan within implementation of the project: “Strengthening of resistance of communities to negative external impacts and increase in effective management of risks of floods in Almaty region” on the basis of the Center is carried out on October 03, 2017 the Republican seminar training “Exchange of experience and the best practicians of risk management of floods for catalytic effect and increase in capacity of regional divisions of KChS Ministry of Internal Affairs RK”.

In a seminar training the staff of Committee on emergency situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Committee) and also deputy chiefs of Departments for emergency of areas of the cities of Astana and Almaty of territorial divisions of Committee takes part.

In the course seminar training:

  • Reports of the competent experts in this branch concerning assessment of susceptibility of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the floodings connected with high waters and floods and also to methods of protection against them are heard;
  • Fact-finding practical field departure to the city of Talgar of Almaty region with demonstration of process of fast construction the course of the strengthening gabions on the dangerous site which is washed away a flood the Besagash River is planned.