The center and KNU of al-Farabi were discussed by aspects of international law in the field of emergency

On November 29, 2017 in Almaty within cooperation of Centre with Al-Farabi Kazakh National Universit in build KNU employees of Centre, together with representatives of department of international law, in the building TREASURY organized a meeting of students of a bachelor degree and magistracy of faculty of the International relations. Acquaintance of students with the international legal aspects in the field of emergency situations became a subject of a meeting.

In a live conversation participants of a meeting discussed the key moments of safety of the states from natural disasters. Students got acquainted with relevant statistics and monitoring of different damage caused by a natural cataclysm. Considering hypothetically possible disasters, employees of Centre, students and teachers of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION sorted aspects of international law in the sphere of emergency situations.

In completion of a saturated meeting, employees of Centre answered questions of students, both sides hoped for future cooperation within passing educational the practician, implementations of scientific projects, involvement in activities of Centre as volunteers.