Partners Supporting CESDRR’s Development

On May 24 Regional office of the UN Children’s Fund for Europe and Central Asia with technical support of UN Development Programme – Istanbul Regional Hub held the Stakeholders’ meeting on the CESDRR capacity review outcomes and recommendations for capacity development at the Center.

The Center is a young international organization that gradually strengthens its role in the regional arena. The existing and potential CESDRR partners were invited to discuss recommendations and develop suggestions to enhance the Center’s operation, among them, were representatives of UN agencies, organizations Red Cross and Red Crescent movement. World Bank, European Union Delegation to the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Center’s operation was looked at from three perspectives: institutional framework, knowledge capacity, and technical expertise, implementation of programs and projects. Participant-partners made a series of comments and suggestions to improve internal policies, approaches, and standards of operation, information and image promotion, staffing policies.

The Center supported the resulted recommendations that will be reflected in the strategy of the Center’s development. Also, partners express preparedness to promote the Center’s activities at regional platforms and within their organizations.