Training for specialists-psychologists of CoES MIA RK

June 14, 2019 concluded the five-day training for 45 specialists-psychologists of the regional branches of the Committee for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affair of the Republic of Kazakhstan  on the topics “Psychological assistance for children and disabled, affected by the emergencies” and “Innovative methods of emergency psychological assistance, mental regulation and self-regulation”.
Many of us from time to time go through tragic events: disasters, accidents, fires, and many others. Any given person, children, people with disabilities or whole communities could be affected and become victims.

People lose their houses, get separated from the families and usual surroundings, or witness abuse, destruction, and death. Events like this affect each of us, however, the varieties of the reactions and emotions are big. Many feel lost and do not understand what is happening. They feel fear or anxiety, can be stunned or become apathetic. Some victims show minimum reactions, others- more severe. Many factors affect how people react.

Everyone has their own strength and abilities that can help to cope with life obstacles. However, some are more vulnerable during emergencies and might need additional assistance. This is also related to people being under the threat or in need assistance: elderly, with limited physical or mental abilities.
In order to provide more effective emergency psychological assistance to the affected population and people with disabilities, specialist of regional branches of CoES MIA RK attended the training to improve their qualifications and get new knowledge. As a result, training participants learn about the specifics of information dissemination in the emergencies, the notion of “stress”, behavior trends in the extreme emergencies, consultancy for victims, main characteristics of acute stress reactions, the specifics of grief experienced by adults, children and people with disabilities, the organization of the work of psychologists in suicidal behavior, the ethical principles of the work of a psychologist in providing emergency  assistance, the basic methods and techniques depending on the specific state of the victims, learned how to apply their knowledge in practice.
The training was conducted by the best trainers of the Center for Emergency Psychological Assistance of EMERCOM of Russia, Russian Center of catastrophe medicine “Zashita” of the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation, National Medical Association, UNICEF in Kazakhstan, Red Crescent in Kazakhstan, Institute of Psychology and psychotherapy and Kazakh National University after Al-Farabi working in the field of psychology in emergencies.
The training was organized by the CESDRR, International Civil Defense Organization, National Medical Association, UNICEF in Kazakhstan, Red Crescent in Kazakhstan, Institute of psychology and psychotherapy.
At the end of the training participants and trainers received international certificates.