UNESCAP – UlaanBaatar

On November 21-22, 2019 in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, a representative of the Center for Emergency Situations took part in national consultations as part of the project “Addressing the Transboundary aspects of the 2030 Agenda through Regional Economic Cooperation and Integration in the Asia and the Pacific”.

The four-year project, aimed at strengthening the national capacities of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia, focuses on integrating the interaction between transport, ICT and energy infrastructure through joint deployment, social integration, disaster resilience and reliable financing for existing and future infrastructural projects to help countries achieve sustainable development goals.

Earlier in October this year, Center staff took an active part in similar national consultations of experts from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan held by UNESCAP in Almaty.

All participants in the national consultations noted the importance of an integrated approach to the implementation of the project, especially during the preparation of infrastructure planning, and also paid special attention to safety and preparedness to reduce the risks of disasters in transport, energy and ICT communications.