Innovative technologies in emergency situations. Use of drones

On 12 June 2020 the Center for Emergency Situations and Disaster Risk Reduction jointly with UNICEF has conducted a Virtual session on “Disaster risk management at best interest of children: knowledge and advanced practices exchange between China and Kazakhstan”.

An auditory of the session consisted of personnel of the Central Committee for emergency situations and its territorial departments, representatives of the National Center for Disaster Risk Reduction of the Ministry of Emergency Management of China, representatives of regional, state Offices of UNICEF, as well as Center’ staff.

Welcoming speeches were made by the Deputy Chairman of the CoES of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan M. Kuldikov, Deputy General Director of the National Center for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Emergency Management of China Zhang Xiaoning and UNICEF Deputy Representative in Kazakhstan V. Vashchenko.

During the session, the participants were acquainted with the latest trends in the development of preparedness and emergency response, disaster risk reduction in Kazakhstan, as well as with the emergency management system in China and the use of UAVs in disaster risk management.

The Center has reported on results of implemented joint Project with UNICEF and lessons studied on application of UAV in disasters focused on vulnerable groups. The Center highlighted the need on continuing the Project, focused on practical training of specialist of Emergency Authorities on UAV application for post flight data processing.

During the session, the participants considered a wide range of issues, including the experience of China in public and private partnerships, the involvement of youth groups and young specialists, the parties’ use of UAV models and support programs, the use of innovative technologies for monitoring and analyzing emergencies in the Central Asian region.