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per day at 00 hr. 00 min. to 24 hr. 00 min. November 13, 2019




Weather Forecast November 14,


            Nur-Sultan: partly cloudy, light snow, ice. Wind southeast with the transition in the north-east of 9-14 m / s. Night temperature -5-7 ° C, day -2-4 ° C.


            Almaty city:partly cloudy, without precipitation. Night fog. Wind 0-5 m / s. Night temperature of about 0 ° C, day + 10, + 12 ° C.


During the last day the forces of MIA of RK CSF committed 157 exit


Natural disaster

Not listed.


technogenic emergencies



13.11. 10-16 in Alatau district of Almaty (103 pr.Ryskulova / w), in the territory of a single-storey filling station «Petrol Asia» (total area of ​​412 sq. meters, includes the cash room at the site stations, service stations Tulpar and auto parts store), was sunbathing in the ticket hall with a subsequent transition to the roof of the fire stations (metal on a wooden crate). In 10-56 fire extinguished. General fire area was 110 sq. meters (the ticket hall -. 88 square meters, the SRT -. 22 square meters) spread of fire are not allowed on the fuel dispensers. No casualties were reported. The preliminary cause of fire – short circuit electric wires.

Travel: 43 employees and 11 units. art DES, 3 worker and 1 unit. technology GU “CMK” CSF, 6 employees and 2 units. DSOG RUE technology.


13.11. 22-24 inp.Peremetnoe district Bajterek West Kazakhstan obl., the territory LLP “Kalininskoe” occurred sunbathing detached warehouse (dimensions 50h20 m.) with the grain (approximately 45 tons of wheat, millet about 15 tons and about 16 tons of barley) on a common area of ​​600 sq. m, followed by partial collapse of the roof. In 01-01 14.11. fire extinguished. Cause of the fire is established.

Travel: 10 employees and 3 units. DES technology, 15 employees and 2 units. DFT techniques, 8 employees and 1 unit. DSOG technology.






13.11. to 16-14 in the district Saryarka Nur-Sultan (ave. Bogenbai batyra 24/1, 15-storey residential complex “Batyr”) forcesCCA DES (4 worker and 1 unit. Techniques) DES (2 P 1 and u art using fire ladders mounted to a balcony apartments) rescued child Mukhamedzhanova A., 2018 b, which in adults inadvertently left alone in the apartment on the 10th floor (I shut the front door). baby nPass the mother’s condition is satisfactory. Travel: 2 officers and 1 unit. DSOG RUE technology.


13.11. at 08-00 in Bostandyk district of Almaty on “Big Almaty Lake”, in a mountain gorge “Checkpoint” SI “ROSO” forces of CSF (14 employees, 2 canine calculation and 2 pcs. equipment) carried out a search Panargalievoy A .M., born 1993, who according to relatives of 09.11. in 07-00 he went to the mountains and never returned. The search produced no results.


            13.11. at 08-00 in g.Kapshagay Almaty region, in the south-west coast “Kapchagay reservoir”, in the district of the recreation area “Sea Lux” CCA DES Forces (27 employees, 6 boats, withusing remotely operated radios «Super gnom») searches were performed Imankusova MN, born in 1975 who 06.11. He disappeared while fishing (was in a metal boat models“Kazanka” without individual life-saving equipment). The search produced no results.


13.11. at 09-10 ins.Tastubek Aral district Kyzylorda region., 16 section “Small Aral Sea”, CCA forces DES (8 employees, watercraft 1 and 2 units. equipment) conducted search Orazgalieva MM, born in 1994, which is 02.11. He disappeared during a fishing (I was in a rubber boat without a personal flotation devices). PFinding no avail.



            Network seismic stations SI “Someya KH MES RK”13.11. at 21 hours 49 minutes 56 seconds recorded earthquake, the epicenter of which is located in 41 km south-east from the city of Almaty in Kazakhstan (Almaty region, Talgar district, mountainous terrain). Energy class of the earthquake 8.2. Magnitude MPV 3.9. The coordinates of the epicenter of 42.95 ° N 77.29 ° E Depth of 15 km. tangibility of information (on the MSK-64 scale): no.




Weather forecast for the territory of the Republic of November 13,

Afternoon rain. Mountain areas sleet on the roads. West wind 4-9 m / s.


For the past day MES forces made 8 trips.


Natural disaster

Not listed.


technogenic emergencies

Not listed.


Operational information received by the Center

At the Bishkek-Osh road in order to avoid traffic accidents and congestion, November 13, 2019 from 17:00 hours on duty “Sosnovka” Jayil area and in the post “Aral” Toktogul district were introduced temporary restrictions for the passage of oil tankers and for heavy vehicles trailer.

November 14, 2019 at 07:00 hours restrictions imposed at checkpoints “Aral” and “Sosnovka” were filmed.


A summary is based on the operational reports of the Center Party