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per day at 00 hr. 00 min. to 24 hr. 00 min. September 19, 2019




During the last day of CSF Kazakh Interior Ministry forces committed 236 visits


Natural disaster

Weather hazards


19.09. 21-00 in Kostanai Kostanajsky obl., resulting in a strong wind of 18 m / s (impulses to 23 m / s) occurred partial failure of the roof (trapezoidal sheet metal) with a single-storey residential building «BEST» (total area of ​​420 sq. meters ) on an area of ​​45 sq.m. As a result, damaged parked passenger car 4 (Brand – two “Mercedes-220”, “VW Passat” and “Harmony Grant”). No casualties were reported. Traveled 1 employee and 1 unit. DES technology, 7 employees and 2 units. MIO technology. At the site of the commission works.


19.09. in 21-15 in Kyzylzharsky District North-Kazakhstan region.,  due to strong wind gusts of up to 23 m / s, power outage occurs (prior reason – transmission line break). Remained without electricity settlements: s.Shahovskoe (145 subscribers) s.Penkovo ​​(341 subscribers). Refurbishment works are scheduled for 20.09.




Addition to the summary of 18.09. byto fire of dry grass and birch scarifiying on the territory of RSU “Bayanaul State National Natural Park” (46 quarter)20 km. by s.Kurkele Bayanaul district Pavlodar region., on the square 2 ha. Fire extinguished 19.09. at 07-00. No casualties were reported.Prichina fire – careless handling of fire of the population (the butt). traveled:4 employees and 1 unit. DES technology, 32 employees and 12 units. RGU technology “Bayanaul SSPE”, 13 workers and 3 units. DFT techniques.


technogenic emergencies



         19.09. at 01-28 in p.Kirpichny (Aktobe area)Aktobe region., a one-story building of a kindergarten GU “Balausa” in the guard room It occurred sunbathing surveillance system equipment (monitor, a processor) on an area of ​​1 sq. meters. Fire extinguished before the fire service arrived. No casualties were reported. Cause of the fire – short circuit electric wires. Travel: 40 employees and 9 units. art DES, 3 and 1 unit personnel. technology DSOG UP.


19.09. at 12-45 in md not №1 g.KapshagayAlmaty region., atfour-storey building, in an apartment on the 2nd floor was a fire (ignition of furniture) in the area of ​​2 sq.m. DES forces with the apartment owner rescued children Omirbek O., born in 2014 and Omirbek Z., 2017 born, who with carbon monoxide poisoning were hospitalized. Also from the entrance it evacuated 15 people, including 2 children. In 12-50 the fire extinguished. Cause of the fire – a childish prank (matches).Travel: 5 employees and 2 units. art DES, 3 and 1 unit personnel. technology DSOG UP.





19.09. 10-30 in Ridder, East Kazakhstan region., near the mountain “Golushenok” (altitude 1500 meters), DES Forces (8 officers and 1 unit. equipment), PMA (3 officers and 1 unit. art) AO “Kazaviaspas” (Eurocopter-145 028-board crew member 2) searches were performed Sadykova EK, born in 1966 who 18.09. while collecting berries lost. In 14-00 the ground search team found missing in the area of ​​the mountain (1100 meters) a satisfactory condition, medical treatment is not needed.

19.09. 08-15 in the outskirtsp.Besaryk Zhanakorgan district, Kyzylorda region., on the river “Syrdarya”, CCA DES Forces (5 workers, 1 and 1 unit watercraft. equipment) carried out a search Kuronova SA 2012 born and Kuronovoy SA 2014 born, who in 05.08. We fell off a cliff and drowned. The search produced no results.


19.09. at 08-05 inKyzylordain the region of a new bridge on the river “Syr” CCA CSF forces (4 worker watercraft 1 and 1 unit. technique) conducted searches Seydahmetova J., born in 1997 who 11.04. according to witnesses he jumped from the bridge and drowned. The search produced no results.





For the past day MES forces committed 19 exit.


Natural disaster

Not listed.


technogenic emergencies

Not listed.


 Operational information received by the Center

At the Bishkek-Osh road in order to avoid traffic accidents and congestion, September 19, 2019 from 19:00 hours on duty “Sosnovka” Jayil area and from 20:00 hours on duty “Aral” Toktogul district temporary restrictions have been introduced for the passage of heavy vehicles intended for the transport of fuel.

September 20, 2019 at 06:00 hours restrictions imposed at checkpoints “Aral” and “Sosnovka” were filmed.



A summary is based on the operational reports of the Center Party