Event Calendar


Date Organizers Event
July 16-20 CESDRR, MapAction Assessment mission. Mapping and Information Management
September 11-12 Committee for ES MIA RK, CESDRR Practical Training KazSpas and Meeting of the Heads of Emergency Departments of CSTO
September 25-27 UNECE, CESDRR Seminar “Strengthening industrial safety in Central Asia through the implementation of and accession to the UNECE Convention on the Transboundary Effects of Industrial Accidents”
October 2-4 ESCAP Annual Subregional Preparatory Meeting for the 2019 APFSD by EDD
October 5 ESCAP ESCAP SONCA Meetings
October 22-26 MapAction, CESDRR Mapping and Information Management Seminar
November 5-10 ICDO, CESDRR Training for Psychologists “Psychology of Extreme Situations”