A meeting of the Regional Working Groups took place within the framework of the European Union project on preparedness and response to health threats during mass events in Central Asia (PRECA-87)

On October 17, 2023, at the Center, a plenary meeting of the next meeting of the Working Regional Groups of the Council of Europe CBRN Project 87 “Preparedness and Response to Health Threats during Mass Events in Central Asia” (PRECA), implemented by the International Scientific and Technical Center in Astana, was held.

The goal of the project is to prevent the impact of infectious and chemical threats from mass events on public health in Central Asia with the involvement of ministries and health sectors.

The target audience of the meeting was representatives from 6 partner countries in Central Asia, totaling 48 people.

During his speech, the Head of the EU Regional Secretariat of the CBRN Center of Excellence for Central Asia, Mr. Gulyamov Bakhtiyor, briefly informed about the goals, objectives of the project and planned activities, including the upcoming tabletop exercise in May 2024, which will test readiness plans and response to ensure the safety of the population during mass events with the involvement of the Emergency Management Centers of each country.

During the event, the meeting participants got acquainted with the current activities and priorities of the Center for the coming year, which becomes a demonstration of effective interaction for the Center.

Meeting participants - experts on water and food safety, and on the effects of chemicals - were given the opportunity to share and exchange views aimed at strengthening and expanding capabilities for preparedness and response in case of unforeseen circumstances during mass gatherings of people.