«UAV development in order to ensure safety of territories and people including vulnerable groups from disasters»

Information on the project:

The main goal of the project is to improve effectiveness of operation for prevention and disaster response applying unmanned aerial vehicles. Currently, the most promising approaches of the use of UAVs are:

  • Disaster prevention through early visual identification of risk areas and further ongoing and periodic monitoring of areas;
  • Urgent delivery of small (by weight and volume) freights (medical supplies, vaccines);
  • Participation in rescue operations during the emergency situation;
  • Urgent provision of temporary communication (mobile communication GSM and Wi-Fi) in the emergency area;
  • Estimation of losses from disasters (identification of damages and required measures for transport and household infrastructure recovery).

Within the frame of the project purchased:

  • UAV package: drone Dji Matrice Matrice 210 V2 Combo, thermal camera DJI Zenmuse XT2 ZXT2B19SR, camera DJI Zenmuse Z30;
  • 2 licenses of software for post-flight data processing «Pix4Dmapper».

Within the frame of the Project the Center for Emergency Situations and Disaster Risk Reduction jointly with UNICEF in Kazakhstan has been conducted 3 national and 1 regional trainings on the use of UAVs for purposes of emergency prevention and response:

Nur-Sultan city
5-8 October 2020

The training was held for officers of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan on the use of UAV for purposes of emergency prevention and response.

Taraz city
20-23 October 2020

The training conducted for officers of territorial divisions of MES from south regions on the use of UAV’s for purposes of emergency prevention and response.

Bishkek city
24-27 November 2020

The regional training conducted in Bishkek, the Kyrgyz Republic, aimed to share experience and education on the use of UAV’s by Emergency authorities of Central Asian countries.

Kokshetau city
2-5 February 2021

The training was held on the use of UAV for purposes of emergency prevention and response.

During trainings participants together with trainers and the Center’s experts:

Performed preflight settings of manual flight mode and acquainted with features of specialized application “DJI Pilot”
Compiled flight plan in autonomous mode via software «Pix4d Capture» and «CTRL+DJI»
Shared experience of the use UAV during emergency
Worked out general mistakes of pilots-beginners and main precaution measures during the flight
Acquainted with analytical software for post flight data processing «Pix4DMapper»
Created detailed orthomosaic and digital terrain model
Acquainted with supporting software «DJI Assistiant 2», «AIR map» and «UAV Forecast»
Reviewed national legislation in the field air traffic regulation
Worked out potentially dangerous maneuvers in adverse weather condition

As a result of conducted trainings is preparation of specialists on the use of UAVs, creation high-quality orthomosaic, 3D models of buildings, digital terrain models and altitude maps.

The events were conducted in compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards, taking into account the current situation with the coronavirus.


were conducted within the frame of the Project.


from 5 countries took part in events.


total time of UAV testing flights.

The Project focal points:

Bakhtiyar Ospanov

Senior expert of the Center for Emergency Situations and Disaster Risk Reduction


Anna Stativkina

Coordinator of UNICEF's Child Resilience Program in Kazakhstan


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