Experts held online meeting and discussed the possibility of implementing a new model of seismic hazard probabilistic assessment

On September 16, 2021, the World Bank, jointly with the Center, held the third online meeting on the topic: «Presentation of the report on Earthquake Hazard Assessment», organized within the implementation of the World Bank Project managed by the Global Fund for Disaster Reduction and Recovery «Strengthening Financial Resilience and Accelerating Risk Reduction in Central Asia» (SFRARR), funded by the European Union.

The meeting was attended by members of the Regional Science and Technology Council, National coordinators of the Sendai Framework Program on DRR, representatives of the European Union, representatives of emergency authorities of Central Asian countries.

The meeting participants received and discussed the reports of the Consortium headed by «RED Risk Engineering + Development» on the main aspects of the research, components, content and key results, goals and period of the seismic hazard assessment, as well as about the structure of the report and its chapters, on the introduction of a new model for seismic hazard probabilistic assessment as part of the SFRARR program implementation, and also provided comments, recommendations and suggestions that should be taken into account when a regional earthquake disaster risk assessment will be conducting.

Annex: Protocol of online meeting on "Presentation of the Report on a Seismic Hazard Assessment"