Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Флаг Исламской Республики АфганистанГерб Исламской Республики АфганистанIslamic Republic of Afghanistan since December 2001 has been a unitary state, Islamic republic with presidential form of government.
Head of Government is the President, who, with the approval of Parliament, appoints members of the Cabinet.
The highest legislative body -Parliament that consists of upper and lower chambers.
In the structure of the supreme bodies of state administration there is also a traditional institution of representative government – Loya Jirga ( “Great Assembly”, “High Council”), composed of members of both Houses of Parliament and the chairmen of provincial and district councils.
The population, according to the census results of 2013 is more than 31 million people, the area – 652 864 km 2.
Capital – Kabul. Official languages -Pashto and Dari.
Afghanistan is administratively divided into 34 provinces, which are divided into districts.