The Center is working to improve drought response systems based on drought monitoring and forecasting as part of the UNDP project in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Within the framework of the project, implemented with the support of the Government of Japan, “Using Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) to Achieve Zero Emissions and Climate Resilience in Response to the Climate Emergency”, UNDP in the Republic of Kazakhstan, together with the CESDRR, is working on adaptation of the sector agriculture of Kazakhstan to the negative manifestations of climate change.

To ensure the implementation of the project, it is planned to strengthen the capabilities of local authorities in Kazakhstan and RSE "Kazhydromet" to respond to droughts and counteract the consequences of droughts.

The main activities of the UNDP project in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the CESDRR are carried out from February to March 2023 based on the implementation of the approved joint Working Plan.

During the implementation of the project, the experts and consultants of the CESDRR are planning to implement measures to:

1) collection and analysis of data on the effects of droughts and their damage since the base year 1990;

2) development of a draft work schedule for responding to droughts;

3) inventory of data flows and stakeholders to develop a draft drought response plan;

4) development of a draft plan for responding to droughts at the national level and submitting it for consideration by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

5) development of a PPP for a pilot region with the development of standard recommendations for dissemination and use by other regions of Kazakhstan;

6) analysis and assessment of the consequences of droughts based on systematic observations of indicators and indicators of droughts;

7) analysis and development of a set of criteria for the detection and differentiation of droughts for various agro-climatic zones of Kazakhstan;

8) analysis of existing methods for assessing agrometeorological forecasts;

9) analysis of the needs for agrometeorological information from consumers, taking into account their specifics;

10) determining the list of consumers of information and their characteristics and features;

11) assessment of consumer satisfaction with the existing form of service (survey of various users of agrometeorological information of RSE "Kazhydromet");

12) development of a new design for the forecast bulletin on droughts, taking into account the requirements of the consumer;

13) development of a draft methodology for integrated agrometeorological forecasting based on the integration of existing models and forecasting approaches for practical implementation in a unified automated system for monitoring and forecasting droughts.