The Center's drones inspect landslide-prone areas

On 4-5 April 2024, at the request of the State Institution “Kazselezaschita”, the Center’s UAV operator Askar Ospanov took part in a commission survey of landslide-prone areas in the Aksai, Kargaly, Ulken and Kishi Almaty river basins using the Center’s UAV. The commission included leading specialists from the State Institution “Kazselezaschita”, LLP “Kazhydro”, “Satbayev University”, “Institute of Seismology”, JSC “Institute of Geography and Water Security”, as well as the Emergency Situations Division of Medeu and Nauryzbay districts.

The following landslide-prone areas were examined using UAVs:

Aksai river basin:

1) The road leading to the village "Almalytau";

2) Landslide areas from Akzhar village to the river Akzhar, erosion centers of the river Kyzylzhar, r. Akzhar and r. Saryzhar;

3) Country society “Mountain Gardener”;

4) Country society “Koklaisai”.

As well as the basins of the Sulusai rivers (M. Shokay street, Kolsai microdistrict, Yubileinyi), Ulken Almaty (erosional incisions Kokshoki, Milyutinskyi), Kargaly, landslide-prone areas in the area of the Medeu skating rink (along the Medeu - Shymbulak highway).

Based on the results of the survey, an Inspection Report with relevant recommendations was drawn up.