The zonal operational unit “North-West” took part in early activities to reduce risk of flooding in Kostanai region

According to the Algorithm of involvement of zonal operational units, established within the frame of UNICEF Project on UAV development in Kazakhstan, signed by CESDRR and MES RK, on 13 August 2021 the Disaster Prevention Department of MES RK requested to involve the zonal operational unit “North-West” in order to carry out activities to be prepared for forthcoming flooding period in Karasu district of Kostanai region.

In April 2021, as a result of intensive snow melting and flooding, the Tyuntyugur river overflowed, which led to flooding of 39 households and 65 courtyards in Karamyrza village.

The zonal operational unit “North-West” arrived at the location at 10.30 AM on 14 August, the experts in cooperation with officers of DES of Kostanai region carried out aerial photography of the river bed near Karamyrza village using UAV Supercam S350F.

Based on the results of processing of received data, the orthophotomap and 3D model of the terrain will be built to develop early recommendations and measures to protect settlements. Final materials will be submitted to the Disaster Prevention Department of MES RK and DES of Kostanai region within the next few days.