The Center has trained community nurses in Turkestan region

In the period from 30 January to 3 February 2023 within the frame of the UNICEF Project “Strengthening the Universal progressive model of patronage service of pregnant women and young children, increasing the potential of families in the development of children with special needs including preparedness of families in emergency” a 5-day training “Early childhood development within the Universal Progressive Model with a focus on crisis and emergency preparedness” was held in Turkestan city.

Within the frame of the UNICEF Project, the Senior Expert of the CESDRR B. Ospanov was involved as an expert-trainer in the field of emergency preparedness. During the training B. Ospanov presented a developed Training module on Emergency Preparedness for community nurses, as well as Check-list for disaster risk assessment and Algorithm of actions of patronage service servants and family members in order to ensure safety in case in emergency situations.

Taking into account the presented material, the expert of the Center organized a number of group practical exercises on the application of the acquired knowledge, and also tested participants on the presented topics.

The training was attended by 42 community nurses from 13 districts and 3 cities of Turkestan region.

The presented developed materials within the framework of the UNICEF project made it possible to equip community nurses with a tool for assessing the existing risks of an emergency, as well as to provide nurses with information cards with recommendations for family members on emergency actions and taking early measures to ensure their own safety and the safety of a newborn child.